Winter 2019/20 We have started booking and planning for next winter!


Tao of Pow is a local small guiding business based in Nagano, Japan.

Through deep powder skiing and unforgettable outdoor adventure experienece, 

We hope to help you to experience Zen like feeling, the heart of Japanese culture.


Tao of Pow is named after the legendary powder run at Baldface catskiing lodge, Nelson, Canada where lead guide Yuske Hirota learned to ski guide.


The Original meaning of Tao is the chinese concept signifying 'way', 'path', 'route' or 'relationship' etc..  


Our Nation of Japan is an island off the east coast of Asia that closed it boarders for centuries and developed a unique and peaceful culture.


Out hope is to introduce a Zen like feeling, the heart of Japanese culture through powder skiing and outdoor adventures.