3-day Trek in the southern Yatsugatake Mountains, round trip from Tokyo

Offer Period

June to Oct ( Regular season )

April, May, Oct, Nov, Dec (Snow mountaineering. Extra 5,000JPY required per person) 



This 3-day trek I will take you on leads us in to the heart of the southern Yatsugatake Mountains, near Tokyo, Japan, a region known throughout the country for its hiking and trekking, its sweeping panoramic views which rival that of Mt Fuji, and the diversity of its flora and fauna, with the blooming of alpine flowers in Summer providing an amazing spectacle.

The Yatsugatake Mountains are located just a 3 hour drive from Tokyo, and local legend has it that they were once higher than the world-famous Mt Fuji, before the goddess of Mt Fuji tore them down in a jealous rage to their current height.













                                                                                                                  Outdoor Onsen on Day 2


Day 1

We begin the trip on the first day in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, before heading to the town we will base ourselves in, Yatsugatake. The rest of the first day is spent hiking up to our hut where we will stay the night, Seinengoya, renowned for its high quality food and sake.


Day 2

The second day is very long, as we arise at 5am to prepare for 8-9 hours of hiking across 5 peaks, providing epic views over the land, before staying at our second hut, Honzawakosen, containing the highest outdoor onsen (hot spring) in the country, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing night.


Day 3

The final day is spent hiking to Shibuno-yu, also containing a spectacular onsen, before we head back to Tokyo in the afternoon.

Along the way we might be lucky enough to encounter some of the animals that inhabit the area such as flying squirrels, deer, Japanese serows, foxes and bears, and the aforementioned alpine flowers ensure you will be constantly reaching for your camera.

By the end of the trip you will hopefully have fallen in love with this very pleasant region and increased your desire to return.

Trekking through the southern Yatsugatake Mountains is stunning, and so close to Tokyo – book now to experience!

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  • Visit the highest onsen (hot spring) in the country!

  • See the truly spectacular alpine flowers in bloom

  • Encounter some truly epic panoramic views over the valleys

  • Hike across 5 peaks on the mountain range








Panoramic view on Day 1


Price per person

1 Person 150,000 JPY

Group of 2  80,000 JPY / per person

Group of 3  60,000 JPY / per person

Group of 4  60000 JPY / per person

Group of 5  50,000 JPY / per person


Price includes


  • Guiding fee

  • Transport to the start of the trip

  • Mountain guide's expenses

 Price does not include accommodation, meals or gear rental.

  Cancellation Policy




  • DAY 1: Meet and trek


    Meet at Shinjyuku, Tokyo. 3 hours drive to the base town of Yatsugatake. Then we take a taxi to the trailhead. It is a good 4 hrs hiking to Seinengoya-hut. The hut is very famous for its foods and variety of good Sake!


  • DAY 2: Trek


    Wake up at 5am, breakfast then start hiking. It is 8-9 hrs hiking connecting 5 peaks. We stay at Honzawakosen-hut. This is a highest onsen-hut in the country.


  • DAY 3: Trek and finish



    Wake up at 5am, breakfast then start hiking. It is 5 hrs hiking to Shibuno-yu which is the main goal of this trip. Shibuno-yu is another beautiful natural onsen. Shower off the sweat and soak in the natural onsen before going back to Tokyo.





Other details


Skill level required


Fitness level required




Hut accommodation every night.

More info

All huts are commercial, around 8,000JPY per night /person including dinner and breakfast.